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IPv6 Fundamentals, Design & Deployment (IP6FD)


Quién debería asistir

  • Cisco Channel Partner / Reseller and Cisco Costumers


  • Routing, switching and access product knowledge and skills equivalent.
  • Working knowledge of routing protocols

Objetivos del curso

The IPv6 Fundamentals, Design and Deployment v2.0 course is a five-day, instructor led training course that combines the IPVSF v1.1 and IPVSD with no overlap. IP6FD v2.0 provides baseline through advanced technical information and training on the next-generation Internet protocol, IPv6. The goal of this course is to prepare the learner for transitioning to IPv6 based networks. IP6FD encompasses design considerations, security considerations, configuration principles, configuring IOS devices for IPv6 and IPv6 transition mechanisms. Throughout the course students will be presented justification for the principles, concepts and practices contained in each lesson. This course will help network engineers understand, configure, and support Cisco devices running IOS software and covers the IPv6 routing protocols such as RIPng, OSPF, BGP, and IS-IS; IPv6 transition mechanisms including tunnels, ISATAP, NAT-PT, and 6to4; and other features. The design and deployment components present in depth coverage of IPv6 design and deployment for DNS, DHCP, integrating IPv6 in an IPv4 network, Multicast, and much more.

Contenido del curso

  • Module 1 Introduction to IPv6
  • Module 2 IPv6 Operation
  • Module 3 Advanced IPv6 Topics
  • Module 4 Describing IPv6-Enabled Routing Protocols
  • Module 5 Using IPv6 Services
  • Module 6 IPv6 Transition Mechanisms
  • Module 7 Discussing Security Issues in IPv6
  • Module 8 Mobile IP Model
  • Module 9 Deploying IPv6"
Classroom training

Duración 5 días

Precio (sin incluir impuestos)
  • España: 2.400,- €
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 33 CLC

Idioma de los documentos del curso: Inglés


Instructor-led Online Training:   Este es un curso en línea Guiado por un Instructor
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Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: Central Standard Time (CST)
Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: Central Daylight Time (CDT)
Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: Central Daylight Time (CDT)
Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: Central Daylight Time (CDT)

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