Enhancing Contact Center Express (ECCX)

Esquema Detallado del Curso

Module 1: Designing UCCX

  • Components of UCCX
  • Versions and Licensing
  • What’s new in UCCX

Module 2: IVR

  • IVR and licensing
  • From prompt and collect to self service.

Module 3: Finesse

  • Overview and deployment models
  • Developing and integrating gadgets into Finesse
  • Administration of Finesse
  • Reporting in Finesse

Module 4: Outbound

  • Outbound for IVR and Agents
  • Dialing types
  • Configuring outbound
  • Reporting in Outbound

Module 5: Omnichannel

  • Overview and deployment models
  • Configuration and utilization of web-chat and Email in SocialMiner
  • Reporting in Omnichannel

Module 6: MediaSense

  • Recording. How it works
  • Integrating MediaSense into UCCX
  • Configuring MediaSense
  • Using MediaSense with Finesse

Module 7: Unified Intelligence Center

  • Reporting in CUIC.
  • Syncing data between UCCX and CUIC
  • Reports and gadgets
  • How to create new reports and integrate them into UCCX