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Fast Lane LIVE: Digital Learning for Individuals and Organizations

Hamburg/Berlin, October 4, 2017 – The worldwide Fast Lane Group has developed a future-oriented, interactive, digital learning platform based on its competence and experience in the development of high-quality training courses.

The new Fast Lane LIVE platform offers seamless access to a wide range of e-learning products for demanding technology topics and accompanying services. The e-learning catalogue features products such as:

  • the complete Cisco Digital Learning Library in the areas of routing & switching, wireless, network programmability, Digital Network Architecture (DNA), collaboration, security and cloud
  • Microsoft MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on topics such as Azure, data science or programming
  • E-Learning products for various technologies developed by Fast Lane

Fast Lane LIVE utilizes the Open edX open source platform and offers access to all learning content independent of time, location and device. Every learner can learn at his own pace at any time and in any place, and can apply, deepen or repeat the learning content in practice.

In addition, Fast Lane offers innovative Learning-as-a-Service (LaaS) packages with supporting services for all e-learning courses, which help to achieve the learning goals as quickly as possible. The Learning-as-a-Service options offer numerous interaction possibilities that go far beyond pure e-learning in self-study. The LaaS choices currently available on the Fast Lane LIVE platform include, for example, 1:1 live coaching for detailed technical questions, group discussions on courses and technologies, topic-related FAQs for quick answers to common questions, virtual supplementary labs that are not part of standard e-learning, or various webinars that are suitable for a course.

Torsten Poels, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Fast Lane Group, comments: "We have been pursuing an integrated, customer-focused digital and blended learning strategy at a very early stage and invested heavily in this area. With the new Fast Lane LIVE platform, we provide our customers with highly efficient, scalable learning opportunities in the cloud, ranging from individuals to global companies."

Comprehensive, individual enterprise solutions can include, for example, a learning portal, a company-specific learning catalogue, learning-as-a-service options, assessment services, reports and analyses or, if desired, a company-specific lab environment. The solutions can be easily integrated into existing business environments.

The digital learning and platform offering on Fast Lane LIVE is constantly growing. Learn more at www.fastlane.live.

Acerca de Fast Lane

Especializada en proyectos de alto nivel y en el desarrollo de las competencias profesionales de IT. Fast Lane se encuentra actualmente en más de 60 países de todos los continentes. Ha desarrollado sus propios programas de formación y se ha asociado con los principales proveedores de tecnología como Cisco, NetApp, VMware, Symantec y muchos más, para ofrecerle una solución de formación integral. El programa de formación abarca tecnologías básicas, así como formación específica en las áreas de los centros de datos, virtualización, comunicaciones unificadas, colaboración, la seguridad y las tecnologías inalámbricas. Fast Lane también ofrece servicios de consultoría; asesoramiento a las empresas en la selección de soluciones de IT enfocada en el futuro y ofrecer apoyo durante las fases del desarrollo.

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