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IT training provider looks back on a successful year

Fast Lane closes the 2012 financial year with a record turnover of 101.5 million US dollars and continues its strategy of global growth

Hamburg/Berlin, 15th January 2013 – The IT education and consultancy company Fast Lane/ITLS (, reports a positive balance for the 2012 financial year. At 101.5 million US dollars, the company recorded its highest ever turnover. Fast Lane increased its profits to more than 3 million US dollars. During the fourth quarter of 2012 Fast Lane achieved their best revenue results in the company’s history with in excess of 29 million US dollars.

Fast Lane’s success has again been recognized within the industry with the accolation of the following awards: Cisco Top Relevance Award EMEAR 2012, The VMware EMEA Training (VATC) Partner of the Year 2012 award as well as’s list of Top 20 IT Training Companies 2012. A lot of Fast Lane’s success can be put down to very strong growth within their VMware training offering, alongside their very own virtualization and data center developed courses. For example, proprietary developments include a comprehensive cloud computing curriculum for the FlexPod architecture and the VXI (Virtualization Experience Infrastructure) solution.

Fast Lane’s forecast for the current financial year predicts double digit growth in sales, and last year‘s profits will allow for further acquisitions in 2013. “This year we will continue our solid growth strategy. Nine years after foundation of our enterprise we managed to exceed 100 million US dollars last year; our ambitious goal is now to double the turnover to 200 million US dollars within the next three years”, explains Torsten Poels, CEO & Chairman of the Board at Fast Lane/ITLS. “In 2013, we are firmly focusing on expanding our worldwide reach, partnerships, and consultancy network as well as the development of new training programs and initiatives. We are constantly keeping an eye on new high-end technological developments and are working closely with our vendors, particularly in the area of multivendor cloud technologies. Our portfolio reflects our client’s expectations and demands. Fast Lane boasts an outstanding lab infrastructure and state of the art facilities, which we will continue to build upon in 2013.”

Torsten Poels Torsten Poels, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Fast Lane

Acerca de Fast Lane

Especializada en proyectos de alto nivel y en el desarrollo de las competencias profesionales de IT. Fast Lane se encuentra actualmente en más de 60 países de todos los continentes. Ha desarrollado sus propios programas de formación y se ha asociado con los principales proveedores de tecnología como Cisco, NetApp, VMware, Symantec y muchos más, para ofrecerle una solución de formación integral. El programa de formación abarca tecnologías básicas, así como formación específica en las áreas de los centros de datos, virtualización, comunicaciones unificadas, colaboración, la seguridad y las tecnologías inalámbricas. Fast Lane también ofrece servicios de consultoría; asesoramiento a las empresas en la selección de soluciones de IT enfocada en el futuro y ofrecer apoyo durante las fases del desarrollo.

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