ONTAP NFS Administration (NFS)

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Network Professionals who need to perform in-depth support, administrative functions, and performance management for the NFS protocol on a NetApp® storage appliance running the Data ONTAP operating system.

Contenido del curso

  • Explain the storage appliance NFS concept and components
  • Describe the configuration requirements for NFS
  • State the rules for exporting resources to hosts, subnets, and netgroups
  • Explain the /etc/exports access options and how they relate to mount permissions
  • Analyze NFS performance using sysstat and nfsstat commands
  • Check network-related performance statistics and identify possible courses of action
  • Collect data to assist with troubleshooting hardware, operating system, and applications
  • Apply problem resolution techniques in a storage appliance environment with focus on the following:
    • Storage appliance hardware
    • Data ONTAP operating system
    • Networking interfaces
    • NFS configuration files and options
    • RAID and RAID-DP volumes
Classroom training
Modality: C

Duración 1 día

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  • España: 900,- €
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