Customer Experiences with Contact Center AI (GCP-CCAI)


Course Overview

Learn how to design, develop, and deploy customer conversational solutions using Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI). You'll also learn some best practices for integrating conversational solutions with your existing contact center software, establishing a framework for human agent assistance, and implementing solutions securely and at scale.

Who should attend

  • Conversational Architects
  • Contact center virtual agent and application developers
  • Business managers


  • Completed Google Cloud Product Fundamentals or have equivalent experience.
  • Desirable but not required: Knowledge of a programming language such as Python or JavaScript.

Course Objectives

  • Define what Google Contact Center AI is.
  • Explain how Dialogflow can be used in contact center applications.
  • Describe how natural language understanding (NLU) is used to enable Dialogflow conversations.
  • Implement a chat virtual agent.
  • Implement a voice virtual agent.
  • Describe options for storing parameters and fulfilling user requests.
  • Deploy a virtual agent to production.
  • Identify best practices for design and deployment of virtual agents.
  • Identify key aspects, such as security and compliance in the context of contact centers.
Entrenamiento en línea

Duración 4 días

Classroom training

Duración 4 días


1 hour difference
Entrenamiento en línea Curso FLEX. Lenguaje: Inglés
Zona Horaria: Horario de verano de Europa oriental
Este es un curso FLEX, que es entregado tanto virtualmente como en el salón de clase.

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Este es un curso FLEX, que es entregado tanto virtualmente como en el salón de clase.