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This course is intended for network professionals who are installing, configuring, and managing Cisco IP Telephony solutions and deploying video on their IP Telephony networks, and for those who need to properly secure their networks.

Contenido del curso

Cisco IP Telephony Introduction

  • Objectives
  • Prerequisites
  • Information Sources

Introduction to Cisco AVVID and Cisco CallManager

  • CallManager Servers
  • Cisco CallManager Functions
  • Layers of Cisco CallManager
  • Operating System and Database
  • Supported Hardware
  • Device Weight Units
  • Comparing Legacy and IP Telephony Technology

Clustering Cisco CallManager

  • Cluster Definition
  • Intercluster Communication
  • Cluster Options
  • Deployment Methods

Installing Cisco CallManager

  • Installation CD-ROM's
  • Configuring Data
  • Activating CCM Components
  • Post-Installation Procedures
  • Upgrading from Prior CCM Versions

Cisco IP Phones

  • Cisco IP Phone Overview
  • Additional VOIP Devices
  • Cisco IP Phone Codec Support

Configuring CCM to Support IP Phones

  • Server Configuration
  • Phone Button Templates
  • Configuring Auto-Registration
  • Device pool

Cisco Catalyst® Switches

  • Catalyst Switch Models
  • Powering the IP Phone
  • Dual VLAN Configuration
  • Configuring COS and TOS

Access Gateways

  • Analog vs. Digital
  • Gateway Protocols
  • Core Requirements
  • Supplementary Services
  • Call Survivability
  • CallManager Redundancy

Route Plans

  • External Call Routing
  • Route Pattern Wildcard
  • Route Plan Configuration

Advanced Route Plans

  • Route Filters
  • Discard Digits Instructions
  • Transformation Masks
  • Translation Patterns
  • Route Groups
  • External Call Routing
  • Digit Analysis

Telephony Class of Service

  • Calling Search Spaces
  • Partitions

Media Resources

  • Conference Bridge Resources
  • Media Termination Point
  • Music on Hold Server
  • Media Resource Management

Call Admission Control and Survivable Remote Site Telephony

  • CAC
  • SRST
  • CCM Gatekeeper Configuration


  • Call Park
  • IP Phone Services
  • Call Pickup
  • Music on Hold Resources
  • Media Resource Management
  • Transcoder Resources
  • Softkey Templates
  • Shared Line Appearance
  • IP Phone Services


  • Adding a User
  • User Logon
  • IP Phone Subscription

Bulk Administration Tool

  • Installation
  • Templates
  • Creating CSV Files
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