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UCS Implementation and Design Bootcamp (UCSBC)

Descripcion de Curso Calendario


  • Understanding of server system design and architecture
  • Familiarity with Ethernet and TCP/IP networking
  • Familiarity with SANs
  • Familiarity with Hypervisor Technologies, such as VMware
  • Understanding of Cisco Enterprise Data Center Architecture

Objetivos del curso

Upon completing this course, you will be able to design, implement and manage a Cisco Unified Computing System.

Contenido del curso

This course combines the two official Cisco courses Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCD) and Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI) into a single 5-day class. You will learn how to design scalable, reliable, and intelligent Data Center Unified Computing Solutions based on Cisco UCS and to install, implement, and manage Cisco UCS in a virtualized data center environment.

Day 1

  • UCS Overview
  • Provisioning the Cisco UCS Cluster
  • Demo: Initial Configuration
  • Lab: Initial Configuration Continued
  • Lab: Integrating C-Series Servers into UCSM
  • Implementing RBAC
  • Managing and Upgrading Cisco UCS B-Series Firmware
  • Lab: Configure Role-Based Access Control

Day 2

  • Implementing Backup, Import, and Restore of the UCSM Database
  • Lab: Backing Up and Importing Configuration Data
  • Implementing Logging and Monitoring
  • Implementing High Availability
  • Lab: Reporting
  • Implementing Cisco UCS B-Series Physical Connectivity
  • Installing Cisco UCS B-Series Hardware
  • Implementing Cisco UCS B-Series LAN Connectivity
  • Implementing Cisco UCS B-Series SAN Connectivity
  • Provisioning LAN Networking
  • Provisioning SAN Networking

Day 3

  • Provisioning Resource Pools in Cisco UCS Manager
  • Lab: Configuring Resource Pools
  • Provisioning Server Policies in Cisco UCS Manager
  • Provisioning Service Profiles from Templates in Cisco UCS Manager
  • Provisioning Cisco UCS C-Series Integration in Cisco UCS Manager
  • Lab: Creating Service Profile Templates
  • Implementing Cisco R-Series Rack Enclosures
  • Installing Cisco UCS C-Series Server Hardware
  • Installing Cisco UCS C-Series Servers in a Cisco R-Series Enclosure

Day 4

  • Updating Cisco UCS C-Series Firmware with the Host Upgrade Utility
  • Provisioning Monitoring and Logging on the Cisco UCS C-Series Server
  • Provisioning LAN and SAN Connectivity in the CIMC
  • Provisioning RAID on the Cisco UCS C-Series Server
  • Installing VMware ESXi on the Cisco UCS C-Series Server Local RAID Array
  • Provisioning Cisco VM-FEX and Cisco VM-FEX Universal Passthrough
  • Lab: Building a VMware Infrastructure
  • Provisioning Cisco VM-FEX
  • Provisioning Cisco VM-FEX Universal Passthrough
  • Lab: Configure Cisco VM-FEX

Day 5

  • Data Center Architecture Overview
  • Defining a Cisco UCS Solution Design
  • Analyzing Computing Solutions Characteristics
  • Employing Data Center Analysis Tools
  • Sizing the Cisco UCS C-Series Server Solution
  • Sizing the Cisco UCS B-Series Server Solution
  • Planning Unified Computing Deployment
  • Designing Cisco UCS Server Deployment
  • Designing Cisco Unified Communications on Cisco UCS
  • Designing Distributed Computing on Cisco UCS
  • Lab: Analyze Existing Computing Solution
  • Case Study: Size Small Cisco UCS Solution
  • Case Study: Size Large Cisco UCS Solution
  • Lab: Plan Physical Deployment
Classroom training
Modality: C

Duración 5 días

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