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Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 1 (CIPTV1)


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The primary target audiences for the course are:

  • Network administrators and network engineers
  • CCNP Collaboration candidates

Secondary audiences are:

  • Systems engineers


  • Working knowledge of fundamental terms and concepts of computer networking, LANs, WANs, switching and routing
  • Ability to configure and operation Cisco routers and switches, enablement of VLANs and DHCP
  • Knowledge of basics of digital interfaces, PSTN, VoIP
  • Basics of converged voice and data networks

Objetivos del curso

  • Describe the role of Cisco Unified Communications Manager in a Cisco Collaboration Solution, including its functions, architecture, deployment, and redundancy options, and how to deploy endpoints, users, and Cisco IP Phone Services.
  • Describe the functions and the purpose of a dial plan and explains how to implement on-cluster calling
  • Describe how to configure MGCP, H.323, and SIP gateways. The module also describes how to create a dial plan that supports inbound and outbound off-cluster calling for numbers and URLs.
  • Describe the types of media resources that Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports, how to configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager server software-based media resources, and how to implement Cisco hardware-based media resources
  • Describe how to implement audio and video conferencing devices that can be used with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, built-in Cisco Unified Communications Manager software audio bridge, Cisco IOS-based audio and video conference bridges, and Cisco TelePresence conferencing products including Cisco TelePresence MSE 8000, Cisco TelePresence Server, Cisco TelePresence MCU, and Cisco TelePresence Conductor.
  • Provide an introduction to QoS with emphasis on the QoS components, often referred to as the QoS toolkit, that are used to provide services for various business applications.

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Contenido del curso

CIPTV1 v1.0 gives the learner all the tools they need to implement a Cisco Collaboration solution at a single site environment. This course focuses on Cisco Unified Communications Manager V10.x as the call routing and signaling component for the Cisco Collaboration solution.

CIPTV1 labs help the learners to successfully perform post-installation tasks, configure Cisco Unified Communications manager, implement MGCP ahd H.323 and SIP trunks. Learners will also implement audio/video conferencing, media resources, and describe QoS.

Classroom training

Duración 5 días

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23.09. - 27.09.2019 Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: America/Sao_Paulo Lenguaje del curso: Portugués
23.09. - 27.09.2019 Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: America/Mexico_City Lenguaje del curso: Español
25.11. - 29.11.2019 Entrenamiento en línea Zona Horaria: America/Lima Lenguaje del curso: Español
Oriente Medio
Emiratos Árabes Unidos
13.10. - 17.10.2019 Dubai Lenguaje del curso: Inglés This course is being delivered by iTLS.
13.10. - 17.10.2019 El Cairo Lenguaje del curso: Inglés
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