Advanced Technologies of Microsoft SharePoint 2016 (20339-2)

Esquema Detallado del Curso

Module 1: Introduction to SharePoint 2016

  • Core components of the SharePoint 2016 architecture
  • New, deprecated, and removed features in SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online editions

Module 2: Introduction to hybrid scenarios for SharePoint 2016

  • Exploring the hybrid features in SharePoint 2016
  • Preparing for a hybrid SharePoint 2016 deployment

Module 3: Designing business continuity management strategies

  • Designing database topologies for high availability and disaster recovery
  • Designing a SharePoint infrastructure for high availability
  • Planning for disaster recovery

Module 4: Planning and implementing Business Connectivity Services and Secure Store Service

  • Planning and configuring BCS
  • Configuring the Secure Store Service
  • Managing BCS models

Module 5: Configuring productivity services for a SharePoint 2016 deployment

  • Understanding the SharePoint Add-in architecture
  • Provisioning and managing apps and App Catalogs
  • Provisioning productivity services

Module 6: Managing solutions in Microsoft SharePoint 2016

  • Understanding the SharePoint 2016 solution architecture
  • Managing sandboxed solutions

Module 7: Connecting people

  • Managing user profiles
  • Enabling social interaction
  • Building communities

Module 8: Planning and configuring web content management

  • Planning and implementing a web content management infrastructure
  • Configuring managed navigation and catalog sites
  • Supporting multiple languages and locales
  • Enabling design and customization
  • Supporting mobile users

Module 9: Planning and configuring Enterprise Content Management

  • Planning Enterprise Content Management
  • Planning and configuring eDiscovery
  • Planning records management

Module 10: Planning and configuring business intelligence solutions

  • Planning BI architecture
  • Planning, deploying, and managing BI services
  • Planning and configuring advanced analysis tools

Module 11: Planning and configuring productivity and collaboration

  • Planning and configuring collaboration features
  • Planning and configuring composites

Module 12: Upgrading and migrating to SharePoint 2016

  • Preparing for an upgrade or migration
  • Upgrade to SharePoint 2016
  • Planning and managing a site-collection upgrade


  • Reviewing the core Microsoft SharePoint 2016 concepts
    • Configuring SharePoint 2016 farms
    • Creating and configuring site collections and sites
    • Provisioning service applications by using the SharePoint 2016 Management Shell
  • Configuring an Office 365 tenant
  • Creating hybrid team sites
    • Preparing the SharePoint environment
    • Running the SharePoint Hybrid picker
  • Planning and performing backup and restore
    • Create a backup and restore plan
    • Test the backup and restore process
  • Configuring BCS and the Secure Store Service
    • Configuring the BDC Service Application
    • Configuring the Secure Store Service
  • Managing BDC models
    • Configuring a Secure Store Service target application
    • Importing and configuring BDC models
  • Configuring and managing SharePoint Add-ins
    • Configuring a SharePoint farm to support apps
    • Creating and configuring a corporate App Catalog
    • Deploying and monitoring apps
  • Managing solutions
    • Configuring a SharePoint farm to support sandboxed solutions
    • Configuring a SharePoint site to support sandboxed solutions
    • Deploying farm solutions
  • Configuring profile synchronization and My Sites
    • Configuring profile synchronization
    • Configuring My Sites
  • Configuring community sites
    • Creating a community site infrastructure
    • Configuring Community Site participation
  • Configuring managed navigation and catalog sites
    • Configuring a product catalog site
    • Configuring Cross-Site Publishing
    • Configuring publishing sites
  • Configuring device channels
  • Configuring eDiscovery in SharePoint 2016
    • Creating and configuring an eDiscovery Center
    • Discovering and preserving content
    • Querying and exporting content
  • Configuring records management in SharePoint Server 2016
  • Installing Office Online Server
  • Configuring PowerPivot and Power View for SharePoint 2016
    • Configuring PowerPivot for SharePoint 2016
    • Configuring Power View for SharePoint
  • Configuring and working with project sites
    • Creating an Office Online Server farm and configuring integration in SharePoint 2016
    • Creating project sites
    • Configuring project sites
    • Engaging project teams
    • Configuring Project Server integration
  • Configuring a workflow
    • Configuring Microsoft Azure Workflow and Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Services
    • Creating and testing a workflow
  • Performing a content database migration and upgrade from Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
    • Migrating SharePoint Server 2013 Managed Metadata Service
    • Upgrading a SharePoint Server 2013 content database
  • Managing site-collection upgrades
    • Preparing site collections for upgrade
    • Upgrading site collections